Beginner Guide to Choose Camping Chair

Beginner Guide to Choose Camping Chair

A camping trip with family and friends is not complete without having a camping chair to perch around a campfire on your adventure. Whether camping at your local state park or heading into the backcountry for an adventurous wilderness experience, choosing an ideal camping chair for your camp can level up your camping experience.

To assist you in choosing the most comfortable, lightweight, durable, or stylish camping chair, we talked to camping experts for advice about what to look for while selecting the right chair for the campground.

We weighed in on everything from quality and material to size and weight. Keep reading to discover more.

Types of camping chairs?

Camping chairs come in various types, shapes, and styles. So, you must choose the right camping chair that suits your camping needs.

Here are the different types of camping chairs you can consider:

1. Classic camping chairs

These are the most common type of camping chairs. They have a sturdy four-leg construction that helps keep you solid. The chair’s flat seat and straight-back design will give you optimal comfort.

Classic camping chairs also have a foldable design, which makes them easy to carry anywhere you go camping.

Besides, they are high enough to allow you to sit down and stand up with ease.

2. Small camping chairs

These camping chairs are lightweight, making them convenient for carrying around. You can fold them to the size of the palm. Therefore, they are the packaging dream.

However, they lack back support and comfort.

3. Two-legged chairs

The two-legged camping chairs are an acquired taste, although they have their fans.

Your feet are used as the front feet of the chair. This saves weight and allows you to rock a little. However, you can pitch over backwards if you kick back too far.

4. Three-legged camping chairs

The three-legged camping chairs provide less stability and comfort than the classic (four-legged) ones.

However, they are more practical and lightweight if you want to carry them around while backpacking.

5. Low camping chairs

Low camping chairs offer more balance on uneven and sandy grounds as they are less tippy than higher camping chairs. They are also a perfect option for outdoor concerts with a height limit on chair backs.

However, choosing a different chair type is best if you have sore knees or a bad back that makes sitting down or standing up hard.

6. Luxury camping chairs

Luxury camping chairs weigh more. However, they compensate for the weight with all their benefits.

They are the ultimate chairs to unwind. For instance, they are very comfy with cushioned padding, cup holders, and leg, head, and arm rests.

These chairs are relatively expensive. However, they are worth investing in if you intend to use them often and for a long time.

Factors to consider while choosing a camping chairs

Here are some of the factors you need to consider while selecting the camping chair:

1. Quality of the chair

Before choosing your ideal camping chair, consider quality versus cost. You also need to ask yourself whether you are a regular camper, seasoned camper, or first-time/festival camper.

For instance, if you camp less often or are only trying out camping, there is nothing wrong with buying cheap (low-quality) camping chairs. However, you need to be prepared for their shorter life span.

However, there is a common phrase that “you always get what you pay for.” Therefore, if you have the finances and are a regular camper, it is worth choosing a more quality camping chair.

They are far more comfortable and durable. So, they turn out to be a better value for your money in the long term.

2. Use and style of the camping chair

Another thing you need to consider while choosing a camping chair is how you will use it. For instance, are you going to be sitting around a camping table? Will you be spending your days sunbathing? Or do you want to recline or lounge while reading your favourite book?

Choosing a camping chair for fun and games

If you spend your camping days playing board games or cards or enjoy having your family sit around a dinner table, a camping chair with a more upright seating position will be the best option. For instance, this camping chair will allow you to reach the table comfortably.

Choosing a camping chair for various camp outings

Classic and small camping chairs are the perfect option for any camping outing. For instance, they are lightweight, and you can easily carry them from one place to another.

Choosing a versatile camping chair

Camping chairs are versatile. You can use them for outdoor activities like fishing, picnicking, backpacking, festivals, chilling in your backyard, etc.

Therefore, you need to choose a camping chair that will suit your lifestyle and activities.

3. The chair’s Set-up simplicity

Whenever you arrive at your camping site, the last thing you would want is to spend more time setting up your camping chair.

Therefore, classic and smaller camping chairs can be easily set up as they have a straightforward pop-out mechanism.

On the other hand, luxury and larger camping chairs can take longer to set up. However, they make it up by offering more comfort.

4. Size and Weight of the chair

If you want a minimal camping chair, size and weight are vital factors to consider.

For instance, camping chairs come in a wide range of sizes, from ground-scrapping low riders to almost the same size as kitchen chairs. So, ensure your chair's height allows you to get in and out of it easily.

The chair’s size should also correspond to your height and the height of your table if you have one.

Moreover, you need to consider how long you have to carry your camping chair, how strong it is to hold the person sitting in it, and the weight capacity of the camping chair.

For instance, the sturdiest camping chairs will support a weight of up to 500 pounds, while the lightweight models will accommodate around 250 pounds.

5. Material of the chair

You should consider if your camping chair can endure different weather conditions. For instance, choose a chair that will behave well in the rain and the sun.

Camping chairs made of fast-drying fabric is a perfect option for unpredictable weather. The light colours will keep your camping chair from getting hot when exposed to the sun.

On the other hand, camping chairs made of polyester are more durable due to the thickness of the fabric. Nylon camping chairs usually are thinner and more susceptible when exposed to the sun.

Final Thought

Finally, I hope you choose the right camping chair that perfectly fits your outdoor-loving needs.

You only need to think about the type and use of the camping chair. For instance, if you plan on hiking or backpacking into the camp, choose a small, lightweight camping chair that will serve you well.

And if you are hanging in the backyard or car camping, choose a camping chair with more comfort and features.

If you still have unanswered questions, our camping experts are available to help.

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