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Our Story

I’ve been selling outdoor folding supplies for over ten years, helping customers produce various folding chairs. During that time, it seemed as though the only differences between the first and the last were changes in patterns and colors. So many similar variations prompted me to wonder why no one bothered to request adjustments to their chair’s construction. Some chairs certainly had room for structural improvement, from weight and size to comfort and portability. A few tweaks would’ve significantly increased its quality and functionality by miles. Yet, few people asked me to do so.

As a result, I felt responsible for making such changes myself. So, I assembled like-minded individuals to form an efficient, innovative, and dynamic team. Our team is composed of a like-minded excellent industry designer (xxxxx), an experienced product operator (xxxxx), an engineer with rich production experience and technical expertise (xxxxx), and quality control (xxxxx) with exceedingly high expectations.

Then, in March 2021, my team began to work together, each member leveraging their skills to create exceptional conceptual, structural, and appearance design. Every step in the production process was carefully monitored and executed. Finally, exactly a year later, our efforts culminated in the completion of our very first chair and launched the beginning of our brand TK. Today, we’re known for our remarkable craftsmanship, steadfast dedication to quality, and our cost-effective portable folding chairs you can rely on to enhance every adventure anytime, anywhere.

As the brand initiator, the ultimate goal of TK is to constantly pursue the originality and portability of folding chairs, folding beds, and other outdoor equipment. We maintain a mission to provide convenient and comfortable folding supplies for outdoor enthusiasts, so our customers can embark on their journeys with less baggage and room for more enriching life experiences.

Tools You Love

Whether you’re a seasoned or a novice explorer, we cater to a wide range of people and all experience levels. Our collection includes a variety of must-have camping gear, including chairs, beds, tables, and more. Made with durable materials and user-friendly designs, our products prioritize your comfort and convenience, ensuring your adventures are everything you want them to be.

A Team You Trust

The Tcek team is composed of industry experts who share a passion for camping and customer satisfaction. Our founder Peter Chan has spent over a decade researching and manufacturing functional, lightweight furniture, specializing in camping chairs designed to help you soak in the views comfortably from your backyard and beyond. We go above and beyond to deliver quality products that exceed your expectations and guarantee your safety, allowing you to embark on every outdoor journey with confidence.

Are you ready to make every camping trip a memorable one? We are.

Our Values

Quality: The quality of our products remains our highest priority. Our first-rate team combines their commitment to superb craftsmanship and industry experience to yield outstanding results.

Community: We maintain a transparent approach that fosters a welcoming community of people who share a passion for outdoor lifestyles.

Innovation: We understand your needs are constantly changing; that’s why we strive to create products that anticipate your demands, featuring intuitive, easy-to-use designs that perform in any circumstance.

Our Mission:
At Tcek, we provide high-quality, easily accessible products that make every camping trip and outdoor activity a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Our Vision:
We aim to create a widespread community, granting everyone everywhere the opportunity to fully maintain active, healthy lifestyles and make long-lasting memories.

Brief Bio:
Founded in 2021, Tcek is a leader in camping gear, presenting a wide range of high-performance products that promise lasting comfort and convenience for everyone and every outdoor setting. From camping chairs and beds to tables and other essentials, we remain your one reliable source for high-quality portable furniture, so you never have to sacrifice your lifestyle.

We pride ourselves in our remarkable craftsmanship and extensive knowledge, which makes us well-equipped to accompany you on every outdoor adventure. So, when you take the Tcek track, you can trust that you’ll create memorable experiences surrounded by the great outdoors and our camping equipment that performs in any circumstance.

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